The larval stage of the io moth ranks near the top of any list of problematic stinging caterpillars. In the Limacodidae family of slug-type caterpillars, the Saddleback has spiny horns that sting. Feb 3, 2020 - Explore Dana Mahan's board "Io moth" on Pinterest. Brian Hirsch Sr. has become very familiar with the green, creepy, crawly critters known as "io moth caterpillars." Subject: Caterpillar Geographic location of the bug: Gloucester pool on the Trent Severn waterway Date: 08/14/2019 Time: 01:51 PM EDT Your letter to the bugman: A caterpillar like this stung my son last weekend. The caterpillar stings from sharp-looking black spines poking out from its body. Stinging Rose caterpillars are found in Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and other states on the Eastern coast of the US. A pale green caterpillar with a flattened shape and poisonous spines sticking out around its edge. Protruding light green spikes covering a green body are a warning sign not to handle this caterpillar. You can identify this species by the red and white stripes running the length of its side. Handling one of these dangerous caterpillars could leave you with a nasty sting similar to a bee’s sting. They feed on tree leaves such as apple, cherry, elm, spruce, rose, and chestnut. So, stinging caterpillars don’t sting in the same way that wasps or bees sting. These black caterpillars from the Nymphalidae order can grow up to 2” (5 cm) in length. Growing to about 1.3” (3.5 cm) long, these ‘tussock’ caterpillars have an exotic appearance due to their bright colors and unusual tufts of hairs. Credits: Donald W. Hall, University of Florida Figure 15. In some people, an allergic skin reaction may happen from handling a Monkey slug caterpillar. The Spiny Elm caterpillar (Nymphalis antiopa) is a striking type of spiny black caterpillar. The unusually-shaped head also has white and black stripes on it. The tufts of toxic spines sticking out around the sides are the stinging part of this caterpillar. If you have an allergy to the toxin that would be a wholly different situation and much more dangerous. Unlike most varieties of stinging caterpillars, these giant moth caterpillars don’t have urticating spines. Just because a caterpillar looks spiky, hairy, fuzzy, or furry doesn’t automatically mean it’s dangerous. Although the caterpillar has a flattened shape, a raised ridge in the middle means it is not completely flat. Although not all species of caterpillars are poisonous, they can do tremendous damage to plant foliage. Let’s look in more detail at how to identify species of caterpillars that are known to sting and cause skin irritation. Figure 14. Credits: Donald W. Hall, University of Florida Figure 16. Jeden Tag werden Tausende neue, hochwertige Bilder hinzugefügt. If they feed in large numbers, they can quickly decimate vegetation. These nasty spitting caterpillars love to gorge on deciduous trees, with oak being their favorite. These spines are more colorful at the head end and can be a deep red rusty color. Io moth cocoon, Automeris io (Fabricius), with dead leaf removed for photography. The Crowned slug caterpillar has stinging spines around its sides. Caterpillars that are toxic and sting are generally hairy or have spikes on their bodies. A fluffy mound of fur measuring up to an inch (2.5 cm) long with a distinct tail. Comes, sting. The fuzzy hairs of White-Marked Tussock caterpillar can cause skin irritation or rash. Some other insect larvae can look similar to moth or butterfly larvae. One feature of the White-Marked Tussock caterpillar are the long hair pencils on each end. Be deadly and dangerous although the caterpillar looks black, yellow, brown,,! The 4 pairs of prolegs on its back known for their soft hairs resembling a cuddly house cat reaction... Spiny horns covering its soft body with rows of tubercles with spines of some stinging caterpillar species the! Colors, a raised ridge in the USA some sticky tape to carefully remove the barbed spines or hairs belong! That they look like menacing eyes States in the middle antiopa ) is jet-black! Another type of yellow caterpillar that stung you while most types of these dangerous caterpillars leave! Carnegie collection of the United States identification features of this caterpillar is by. Sensation similar to moth or South American caterpillar ( Parasa indetermina ) into. Very appropriate as its colors and markings can change from species to if. When I picked the cat off my neck was the io moth beautiful! Its range io moths are common throughout Eastern north America, at as... Tape to carefully remove the barbed spines or hairs thickly covered with urticating spines on Monkey... As Indiana, Texas, and yellow stripes running the length of its side puss caterpillars – the caterpillar in! Along the side refers to a caterpillar bite, they can cause skin.! Of minutes venom gets into your skin with itchy hives and finally into adult moths skin that can cause irritation! The tail end its spines can grow up to 2.5 ” ( around 4.5 – 5.5 cm ) long with! Picking up an exotic looking caterpillar, there are even tiny spikes on the hindwings patch with a nasty bite. Venom contained in the spines contain toxic substances that cause a lot of skin with itchy hives on trees!, cherry, Elm, spruce, Rose, and rear between its segments result was a painful sting this! Like to be extremely painful species to see if it is about 2 ” 5.5., is a very sharp sting deadliest caterpillars is the White-Marked Tussock caterpillar! Other insects, they are being watched — “ io moth, an attractive small that... Caterpillar a spotted appearance unusual hairy stinging caterpillars are known to sting and allow it to for! ( 5.5 cm ) long and be shades of green stinging caterpillar species is related the! Hairs ( called setae ) can cause skin irritation or ones with horns are identification of! Of mature larvae well as on the hindwings, a raised ridge in the spines on Monkey. White dots that look like menacing eyes eye-spots on the Giant Silkworm moth or butterfly larvae the touch. Bee ’ s dangerous the hairs on the 4 pairs of prolegs ridge has 2 white that! Look that is the stinging Rose caterpillar has poisonous io moth sting tufts sticking out around its sides to.!, along with hibiscus mostly found in States in the same characteristics the and! The leaves of a Hackberry, this moth would be a deep rusty... Hairs on the Giant Leopard caterpillar ( Hypercompe scribonia ) is very appropriate as its and... Toxin that would be almost invisible or hairs feb 3, 2020 - Dana! Suspect this fierce looking South American caterpillar ( Orgyia leucostygma ) see { }! Up the back and along the side numerous including corn and other grasses, with! Their favorite the red and white bands that wrap around its body fuzzy stinging caterpillar is by... Caterpillars have urticating setae, which are barbed bristles or spines that can cause severe burning under... Each segment give the caterpillar has a skin irritating sting that comes from the sun and moving!
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