BizBSP is an online portal which provides a simplified business listings for Selling and Buying of businesses. We offer a marketplace to connect Business sellers and potential buyers with an opportunity to connect and carry out an effortless transaction. We not only help you to find the perfect business opportunity but we also help you to expand brand presence, by aiding you to sell Franchise/ Retail / Dealership/ Distributorship of your brand, not only locally but pan India.

We provide an easy to use interface, which allows our users to directly interact with potential sellers and buyers of their choice. We also provide you the option of browsing through the listings, with Google Map!

For our Buyers, we provide various additional tools such as saving your preferred businesses to peruse at your leisure, we also provide a messaging service to allow you to directly contact the seller so that all your queries can be resolved directly without any mediation, we further provide details regarding the urgency of the seller and the popularity of the listing. We also provide our Buyers with a novel opportunity to list their requirements, expectations and nature of their needs, making it easier for potential Sellers to connect with them.

For our Sellers, we provide various additional tools such as an easy and uncomplicated registration of your listing, we provide all data regarding your listing including the visibility of your listing, rating of your listing, to help you better your reach by availing our tailor-made promotional services. We further ensure that a potential buyer can connect with you directly via our portal, because we genuinely believe that no one can describe and explain your business better than you. We free you of complicated mediations, hassles and misunderstandings! BizBSP is not only a platform for buying and selling, but we also provide an unique opportunity to hold an auction, so that you are able to not only sell your business but can achieve the full potential of the goodwill carried by your business. Our auction process is one of the simplest in the market, which ensures transparency and speedy results. Our Auction amenity ensures that you never undersell

Our mission is to create the largest business buy-sell ecosystem. We dream of transforming a common man to a start-up businessman, who can avail all suited opportunity to own an ever-growing business. We also strive to ensure longevity of businesses, by doing away with problems encountered due to relocation, retirement, missed opportunities and management issues. We aim to create a diverse, stable and self sufficient ecosystem which allows your business to thrive!

Get ready to explore the plethora of Business Opportunities!